Hand cream

Hand cream

Tips time! We spoke a lot about masks and natural products to help you look after skin on your face…reduce wrinkle, youthful, fresh shine free skin etc, as we all would like to look young for as long as possible, but do you remember not only face need to be looked after – skin on our hands is aging quick if we won’t keep putting creams on it. So the best way to do if you always on the GO during the day have a cream beside your bed and put it on at night time and that the best time to do so. Any type of cream at all…Maybe you got some cream for your face and don’t use it anymore (it doesn’t suit your skin, unwanted gift etc- use on hands…) Cut slice of lemon or 2 and rub between your hands for 10 min, let the skin soak the juice all over the hand-not only bleaches – if you got some hard to remove stain (whitening the nails as well!!)But also softens the skin and takes “years” from the skin…vit C is great for it!!

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