Manicures in Waterford

Ella’s Beauty Salon offers many nails’ services from basic manicure, through deluxe manicure to shellac nails. Visit our premises in Waterford to experience outstanding quality service your hands deserve.

- Nails
+French polish
Basic Manicure EUR8.00 EUR12.00 EUR13.00
Standart manicure EUR10.00 EUR14.00 EUR15.00
Manicure EUR15.00 EUR18.00 EUR22.00
Luxury Manicure EUR22.50 EUR25.00 EUR28.00
Deluxe Manicure EUR30.00 EUR33.00 EUR35.00
My First Manicure (Ladies under 12) EUR8.00 EUR8.00 EUR9.00
- Shellac Manicure +Polish +French Polish
Standard Manicure + Shelac EUR20.00 EUR20.00

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