Tea Bags

Tea Bags

Tips time! Tea bags-good for cold sores too! I am sure we all heard that the tea bags are great for loots stuff but did you know is great for cold sore? Or for minor bleeding, chapped lips, style, sunburn, corn, calluses foot odour puffy eyes, sore throat…for foot odour, sunburn or sore throat u use 4-6 tea bags into boiling water…leave for 10-15 min, take out, let cool down and apply to treated area..The liquid-for sore throat just gargle the water not the bag.lol. Don’t swallow!!!for puffy eyes, stye ,chapped lip, corns or calluses, minor bleeds one tea bag is enough, leave for 15 minutes ,cool down and u use the tea bag this time….press like if you like my tips. Thank you

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